Hello Red!

Red lipstick is one staple item that a woman should have in her kit. It is the one color of lipstick that never goes out of style. You may not know, but there are different variations of red, so it is just a matter of choosing one that suits your skin tone. Here are some examples:

  1. Darker skin tones – Choose a deeper red toned lipstick such as a Burgundy or Raisin colored lipstick. A great option is NYX Lipstick in Black Cherry. It goes on soft and looks beautiful.
  2. Cooler skin tones – Choose a cooler red toned lipstick, which may have more of a bluish red tone. A nice option is the NYX  Lipstick in Perfect Red.
  3. Warmer skin tones –  Choose a warmer red toned, which may be more of an orange red color. A great choice is NYX Lipstick in Eros.

Also, some keys in applying any lipstick is to make sure that your lips are prepped. You can use a sugar scrub to rid of any chapped or dry areas on the lip. Then, use a lip liner around the lips as well as on the lips to hold the lipstick and allow it to last longer.

I never wore red lipstick when I was younger as I always chose the wrong shade. But, now that I found one that works with my skin tone, why not??

Have a great week!