Practice makes perfect

While I sit here and type today’s blog, my son is practicing for his basketball game tonight. He practices often and keeps working to get stronger and better at his game. I always remind him that practice makes perfect. This applies in all aspects of our lives, including makeup artistry.

I started doing makeup professionally a few years ago after having a career, which spanned two decades in financial services. I was nervous starting out, nervous about making mistakes, nervous about starting a new career at the age of 40-something. I was constantly questioning, “Is this the right move?”, “What happens if I make a mistake?” This and many other questions scoured my mind on a daily basis.  I knew I was good at doing makeup, but what if….

From that moment, I practiced and practiced some more. I read amazing makeup artistry books, which offered insight about technique and products. I practiced my makeup skills on paper, on family, on friends. I worked to make my new career something that I would continually be proud of and I continue to work to be the best makeup artist I can be.

At age 46, I finally found a career that I love and all the practice I put into it, doesn’t feel like practice. I will also admit that I have made mistakes in the learning process, but I continue to grow as an artist and practice everyday to make myself better, both personally and professionally.

Practice makes perfect. It really does. Whether it is today, tomorrow, next week or next year. Practice does payoff.

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley